War Rock 20110307

Shoot your way around the foes and friends of this game

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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    7.7 (595)

War Rock is described as an online military, tactical first-person shooter game. The game permits either team or solo play.


  • One of the primary plusses of War Rock is found in its state of the art weaponry. Where some similar tactical games limit the available weapons, or don't offer anything with pizazz, such is not the case with War Rock. The weapons available add a whole additional level of excitement to game play.
  • Another of the benefits associated with War Rock rests in the fact that it permits a gamer the option of selection from five different classes of characters. This allows for an unusually large game derivations which keeps a gamer's interest well into the future. A gamer is able to customize the type of character he or she wants to be, down to some very particular details.
  • In addition to multiple character classes, the game also features three gaming modes, another great feature that further expands the play options significantly. The gaming modes available on War Rock are Close Quarters Combat, Urban Ops and Battlegroup. These gaming modes are available for both solo and team play.
  • War Rock comes complete with tremendously well done graphics. The graphics are interesting and vibrant in their presentation and display. They enhance the excitement of the game and flow easily from one sequence to another without any lags.
  • The team play feature makes the game even more inviting for many gamers. The feature permits people to enjoy the challenges of War Rock with other likeminded people. Moreover, the team option provides even more interesting play variations for a gamer interested in this type of tactic game.


  • When it comes to any cons associated with War Rock, some gamers have noted they are not perfectly thrilled with the controls. They suggest that they do not operate as smoothly as one might desire, particularly in a shooter game. The weapons' controls seem to be the ones that are the least smooth operating in some instances. In the end, it is important to note that this concern is not universally expressed.

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